Editorial:Shenzhen to attract talents from all over the world

【明報專訊】Over a short span of 40 years, Shenzhen has risen from a poor and remote village to become a modernised and internationalised metropolis. Xi Jinping proposed ''10 Conclusions'' and ''6 Missions'' at the celebratory ceremony. The ''10 Conclusions'' are about reviewing the experience, while the ''6 Missions'' are forward-looking, outlining the direction of development for Shenzhen, the Greater Bay Area and China.

China has entered a new stage of development that emphasises quality over quantity. The six historic missions of Shenzhen in the new era require the city to uphold the spirit of ''exploration'', the vigour of ''innovation'' and the style of ''action'', to do its utmost to upgrade itself in all aspects, to explore a set of replicable development experiences for the whole country, and to take positive steps to further promote the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Shenzhen is positioned as a ''major engine'' of the Greater Bay Area. It should promote the connection of rules and mechanisms between the economies of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, as well as speed up the construction of intercity railways in the Greater Bay Area to facilitate the efficient and convenient flow of people, goods and other factors of production and enhance market integration. The future role and functions of Shenzhen in the region could not be clearer.

In August this year, the State Council proposed the building of the country's fourth ''comprehensive national science centre'' with Shenzhen as the main base. Shenzhen should give priority to the construction of an early-start zone for a comprehensive national science centre in the Greater Bay Area and strengthen the synergy and co-ordination of innovation resources with Hong Kong and Macao. The State Council also demanded that Shenzhen properly plan and build Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park at the Lok Ma Chau Loop.

There was a time when Hong Kong viewed Singapore as its competitor and compared itself to Singapore. However, Shenzhen has caught up with Hong Kong and is now both Hong Kong's partner for co-operation and a formidable competitor. Hong Kong has a solid base which has been years in the making, and its financial and professional services remain its strengths. However, if we don't pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, sooner or later we will be overtaken.

Shenzhen's six missions are not only about pursuing technological innovation, cultivating future industries and developing a digital economy, but also about raising the level of governance and building a market-oriented, rule-of-law and internationalised business environment. In all aspects, Shenzhen is asked to ''measure itself against international yardsticks of excellence''. If Shenzhen achieves all this, it will be on a par with other world-class metropolises.

In the ''six missions'', it is mentioned that Shenzhen should vigorously develop modern service industries such as finance, accounting, law, and convention and exhibition, which are undoubtedly the strengths of Hong Kong at present. However, Shenzhen is not catching up at the speed of a tortoise. Digital currency and data trading markets are all new things, and each of them can provide an opportunity for one to overtake another. If Hong Kong continues to be a complacent rabbit, it is only a matter of time before we are overtaken.

The invisible hand of the market dictates that talent and capital will always flow to where there are more opportunities. This has nothing to do with being ''planned''. Rather than struggle with this, Hong Kong should be actively involved and have a voice to ensure that the development of the Greater Bay Area will have a positive impact on Hong Kong rather than a negative one.

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■/ Glossary 生字 /

do one's utmost:try as hard as possible

pull yourself up by your bootstraps:to improve your situation yourself, without help from other people

complacent /kəmˈpleɪsnt/:too satisfied with yourself or with a situation, so that you do not feel that any change is necessary


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